The Waiting Line

The Waiting Line was made for you by these people, who did it for the joy of having a voice and the freedom to express it.

Credits //

Produced by Chris Taylor and Sanjay Rajo for Hi-Sonorous

Music and lyrics by Chris Taylor and Sanjay Rajo
except rap (tr 4) by Tommy Eye

Vocals (trs 1, 6) by Hannah Cope
Vocals (tr 2) by Matt Giles
Vocals (tr 3) by David Gate
Vocals (tr 4) by Squiff Wordsworth
Vocals (tr 5) by Atlum Schema
Rap (tr 4) by Tommy Eye

Drums (trs 1, 3, 5) by Andy Balls
Drums (tr 4) by Mike Griffiths
Guitar (tr 5) by Jordan Humber
Vocal Backgrounds (tr 5) by Matt Diaper
All other instruments and voices by Chris Taylor and Sanjay Rajo

Recorded at Purple Squares Studios and Trinity Cheltenham Nov 08 - Apr 09
Mastered by Jerome Schmitt @ Air Mastering

Artwork and webdesign by Pete Smart for Roam Design
Website built by Chris Taylor with Dan Chadwick

A Resident Alien Release

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